Can I get a microlight certificate and later convert to a PPL?

“Half of the pilot in command time obtained in the 12 months prior to PPL issue up to a maximum of 10 hours count towards non-specific training requirements”. In practice, you will need to fly 20 microlight hours whilst training for the PPL to get a maximum of 10 hours credit. Might it be better use of the money to fly the GA aircraft?

Can I fly a microlight if I have a PPL?

Yes. You will need a “type rating” in the same way as moving from a Piper to a Cessna. This is a relatively simple process. If you wish to get a microlight certificate, which is not a legal requirement, the microlight organisations have simple procedures to issue one to PPL holders.

What is a Light Sport Aircraft?

This is a GA aircraft for which the initial certification requirements have been relaxed to allow cheaper production costs and the use of more modern technology. Because of the relaxations, they are limited to a maximum of 600kg weight, a maximum of two seats, and they may not be used for instrument flying. LSA are ideal for Private and Commercial Pilot day/night training and for typical PPL use. A microlight pilot can fly them by day too.

Whilst the initial certification requirements are less than for a fully certified GA aircraft the maintenance requirements are similar.

Some aircraft are eligible to be registered as either a LSA or Microlight. If you decide to train for a PPL ensure the aircraft you use is not registered as a microlight and that the instructor holds a “Part 61” general aviation instructor rating.